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Boost your immunity by dynamic micro immunotherapy –

Trigger up your recent & future immunity by dynamic Micro Immunotherapy –

Rectify all the systems of the body at a time – Reduce the extra burden of specialists and unnecessary investigations.

Micro immune therapy is based on the perception that the immune-reaction of the body plays a central role in the emergence of diseases. Thus, micro immune therapy concentrates on clinical and biological improvement of the immune regulation and therefore to create a positive impact on the health situation of the organism. Areas of application are in particular diseases, which are based on an immune disturbance, as for example (chronic) infections or allergies.

In the late sixties of the last century (1967), Dr. Maurice Jenaer, a Belgium homeopath, began to make use of so-called Cytokines. These are molecules, which had been detected by scientists as they studied the human ability to stay immune. The cytokines are used as an agent to influence the immune reaction of a person and to enhance the condition of the body, without the normally experienced side-effects of a remedy.

The whole of the micro-immune-therapeutic components are made of synthetic raw materials, it is thus neither of human- nor of animal origin. This circumstance and the production of the medication is according to homeopathic principles in accordance with the valid European standards to ensure a low-risk therapy.

The immune system of the body functions like the customs in our states, the immune-competent cells are situated especially at the places of the body, which have direct contact with the outside world, like the oral mucosa and surrounding lymph areas. Therefore the homeopathic way to apply remedies – the pellets are given under the tongue and stay there a few minutes before they to melt- this is the best way to administer the medicine.

Treatment is sequentially ( a series of 5-10 days of treatment), with the intention to provoke a physiological series of reactions (chain reactions). Thus the body regains step by step his immune balance and the biological equilibrium is established again.

Please take into account that the here given information about indications and effectiveness of the micro immune therapy rests on the insight of the therapy method itself.

The contribution of Dr. Amitava Maity is to re-established the original dynamic power of Homeopathy scientifically and spiritually which has shaken the whole world. For an example of a man is suffering from sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, frozen shoulder, duodenal ulcer, benign hypertrophy of the prostate, and psoriasis only one medicine at a time is sufficient to cure all the complaints.

On the other hand, if a middle-aged female is suffering from osteoarthritis of knee migraine alopecia [falling of hair] irritable bowel syndrome, leucoderma, etc at a time then only one medicine at a time will cover everything. I know this is unbelievable in this materialistic age. But ultimately this will be established that only the purer form of advanced classical homeopathy can save a man from the chronic and complicated disease.

After practicing successfully for 30 years (except some initial uncertainties) now for the last 10 years I can realize that actually, we are not discharging our duties for the suffering humanity. It may be due to our ignorance, or craving for a large amount of money beyond necessity and fame. We are not properly trained irrespective of all systems of medicine. We have forgotten the classical art of healing. We are ignoring every time the basic philosophy of our Father of modern medicine as well as Masters of Alternative medicine.

We the physicians of today are very much reluctant to distribute our knowledge to the young physicians. We always expect references from our students and followers. In spite of that physicians of Modern medicine are always very much cautious about their latest development. On the other hand, most of the Homeopathic physicians are not ready to utilize the latest advancement. We are habituated to criticize others. Some of them may be successful in their practice, but that is not the ultimate object.

Being a Homeopath I don’t want to underestimate other systems of medicine. Rather it is quite justified that without the glimpses of Modern medicine the total destiny of the human race is bound to be jeopardized. Without the help of Modern Medicine, the total human resource would be under a question mark. On the other hand, if the applications of all the systems of Alternative medicines are not utilized, apparently it will be not so harmful. 

There are lots of scientific developments in the history of Modern Medicine. Today we can fight against the dreaded diseases with the help of Scientific research & the skill of the Physicians of Modern Medicine. Today it is possible to transplant Kidney, liver, and many parts of our body quite successfully. As a result, the average life span has been extended. Even the critical stages are managed successfully by means of ICCU, ITU, Dialysis, Heart-Lung Machine, Ventilator & many other sophisticated methods. 

But mostly it depends on affordability. Yet the eternal peace of human beings is not well, rather disturbed. Although we may overcome the acute condition but due to lack of knowledge of proper philosophy of Modern as well as alternative medicine the sufferers are always under the threatening condition of the reappearance of the disease. They are not enjoying the beauty of complete well being. In the case of Modern medicine, we do not follow the instructions of the father of Modern Medicine- Hippocrates (Greece), Sir William Osler (Germany), Galen, Sir Adolph (the father of immunology), etc.

From the very beginning, we do not consider the man as a whole. We always search for pathology in every aspect of life. I do not want to ignore pathological & radiological investigations at all. After confirming the diagnosis clinically as well as pathologically (if necessary) we have to rejuvenate the inner man to eradicate the external disease force and maintain the internal equilibrium of the body.

Hippocrates rightly said, “It is more important to know what sort of a person has a disease than to know what sort of a disease the person has.” Hippocrates wanted to explain every man has got his own individuality. Treatment should be done accordingly. The prescription should be made according to his genetic background, absorption power, environmental conditions & individual race.

Today different renowned scientists of Immunology, Molecular- Biology & Radiation Oncologist Mr. Lalji Singh (scientist of cellular & molecular- biology, Hyderabad, India) John Matric (Fellow, molecular-biology, Research Council of Australia) Peter cutely (Radiation oncologist of the American Association of molecular- biology ) have expressed their opinion. After long research, they have realized the art of personalized medicine. 

They have told that every sick people of his individual race has got his own medicine according to his genetic background & inherited properties. The action of the medicine depends on the genetic set up of an individual. Ultimately this may not be possible because multinational companies have to suffer a lot due to the manufacturing of large varieties of medicine according to the human race. 

Today doctors & scientists are all in favor of multinational companies. We, the doctors, the scientists, and the owners of MNC do not know where to stop. Unfortunately, we do not know the art of utilizing money. No doubt money is one of the most essential factors for survival & healthy living. In this context, Swami Vivekananda said “Try hard to earn more money but do not attach with it.” But unfortunately, this attachment is increasing by leaps & bounds which destroy the philosophical base of treatment. 

We can not prevent our temptation for prescribing unnecessary investigations and unrequited medicines. Affordable and intelligent patients are always ready to give us a handsome amount of money. So we can earn a sufficient amount of money without unnecessary investigations. 

I have established Ramakrishna Sarada Arogyo Niketon with my own expenditure and initiative for the poorer class of people. A good number of patients are recovering very fast by our treatment without any side effects. We are also saving some money and harassment for the sufferers who are suffering from a combination of diseases. We can control more than one disease at a time. So at least a few patients are somehow relieved from different types of drug and specialized investigations.

Many years ago our Master Kent said, “Man today is destroyed as to his interiors, so that truth looks as black as smoke, and false philosophy as bright as the sun.”

Dr. William Oslar said, “variability is the law of life; and as no two forces are the same so no two bodies are alike and no two individuals react alike and behave alike under the abnormal conditions which are known as a disease”.

After Hippocrates Galen, the last great Greek physician(AD -129-AD- 200) perpetuated Hippocratic medicine for a short time, moving both forward & backward. Then for a hundred years, the clean & gentle clinical properties were mostly abandoned. In this regard, Hippocrates said, “the natural forces within us are the true healer of disease.”

In today’s world, there is no want of talent. Their researches are sold in the market by intelligent, heartless mediator against such amount of money, where our common people can not reach. Swami Lokeswarananda rightly said, “Intelligent but heartless people are dangerous to the nation.” The research workers are not obeying the basic philosophy of medicine i.e..
– centralization, goal orientation & equifinality.

CENTRALISATION – All rhythms of the body are hierarchically organized and not a bundle of unconnected material of single cell and organs.

GOAL ORIENTATION – The organism tries to maintain in changing environment, describing the process of recovery in a teleological way implies that the observed processes, here the inflammation, has to fulfill a task.
EQUIFINALITY – A goal (here the goal of recovery) can be achieved in different ways depending on the state of the system.

I am also practicing Homeopathy for the last 30 years like many others Doctors in the World. I have tried my best to follow the basic principles of Homeopathy. We learnt this from our respected teachers, but in practical life I fail to follow the basic philosophy of our Masters in all cases, though the rate of success is not so bad.

Like other therapeutic system, Homeopathy is also going with a combination of famous classical Homeopaths & quacks. Many acute, chronic, complicated & genetic diseases are cured by the Homeopaths all over the World. Also there are lots of failures for the want of knowledge in practice of medicine, Orthopedic, Pediatric, Neurology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Dermatology, General surgery in latest investigations. Above all, the complete lack of knowledge in Homeopathic philosophy. The limitations of the system & lack of further scientific research should also be considered. In spite of that, even today in a large number of selected cases we can do better than any other systems of medicine. We have to choose what system of treatment is relatively more beneficial to what sort of disease.

I have discovered this theory 15 years ago out of my own observation, which is highly appreciated by many intellectuals & general people of all spheres of life. I have tried my level best to spread this idea in India & abroad with my limited capabilities. But I have failed to do so. Still there are misconceptions that Homeopathy means time taking method, have to follow different restrictions, chance of aggravation, restrictions of taking life saving medicine, has to stop the long term beneficial treatment of Modern Medicines of hypertension, diabetes mellitus, hypothyroidism, epilepsy etc. Sudden withdrawal of above treatment of Modern medicine may give rise to critical condition.

It is also believed that effect of medicine will be nil in case of habitual drinker smoker & those who are accustomed to highly seasoned & pungent food etc. It is considered by most of the people that it (Homeopathy) is reliable for children & mothers. Still some body believes any one can do it. It requires no University degree or Master degree. Also somebody believes it is not necessary to use the sophisticated medical instruments and latest pathological & radio logical investigations. Many come in homeo shop without any prescription to buy original medicine and patent medicine (mixture of several drugs) which has no role in classical homeopathy [ immunotherapy ]. But they are expecting cure from the route.

This type of treatment can not trigger the immune system which is the only weapon of Homeopathy to become the future generation medicine. Today we can’t go one step ahead without the help of software. It may not be possible for the poor country like us. Most of us are successful to give relief to the patient due to tremendous and diversified dynamic power of our medicine. But we have to consider the following guide lines.

  • Check up your health, diagnose the case & to get confirmed which branch of medicine (Allopathy or Homeopathy) is relatively more beneficial, less time consuming & relatively cheaper for your disease & treat them accordingly.

  • There are many acute emergency conditions like myocardial infarction, cerebra vascular accident, sudden unconsciousness, acute burn, accidents,  unmanageable colic of unknown origin, severe dehydration of acute gastro enteritis, diphtheria, meningitis, tetanus, leprosy, advanced stages of cancer, bypass surgery, transplantation cases (Liver & Kidney etc) blood transfusion in hemophilia, leukaemia & many other acute conditions, where Modern medicine is the only answer.

    We cannot go one step ahead without the help of a Dentist and Eye specialist. Still there are a large number of acute, chronic and complicated genetic diseases where Modern medicine cannot reach. This is not only in India but also in developed countries like America, France, England, Germany, Sweden,  Australia. etc. (I have  the opportunity to serve few patients abroad) This is due to ignorance of doctors to follow the philosophy of the Father of Modern Medicine. Still they fail to realize that latest mixture of several drugs with high cost; attractive packaging with advertisement cannot penetrate the barrier of an inner man.

    If you cannot increase the immunity, by rectifying the defective gene, you cannot succeed to cure a single case. Diseases are so destructive today that only by temporary destruction of bacteria, virus & parasites, you cannot win the battle. Only the internal force, can save a person from this catastrophe.

    According to Swami Vivekananda ‘all the human beings are born with supreme power’. This power is within us under coatings of genetic factors, environment, susceptibility, poverty, habits, mode of living etc. Not only in Modern Medicine, it is difficult  to reactivate this internal power. I can say the dynamic power of Homeopathy can do the task to some extent. But to utilize the original dynamic power of Homeopathy is very much difficult in practice. It requires constant endeavor. At last but not least we have to think all life is Divine from the beginning.

At first we have to try to become the master of clinical medicine and latest investigations. After that the thorough knowledge of Materia Medica, Organ on & Repertory is necessary. At the end you should know the art to find out the dynamic power by Homoeopathy. Only this power can control all the system of the body within a very short time. The materialistic medicine of tomorrow will also fail to activate the internal power if they deny the philosophy of Modern Medicine.

Plato said, “No attempt should be made to cure the body with the soul. If the head and body ought to be healthy, you must begin by curing the mind.”