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The human body is initially composed of a single cell.

How it is possible

The human body is initially composed of a single cell. There is only one DNA chain in the cell. All newly form cells will also require DNA. DNA completes this operation one after another, which is a miracle. This sequence of miracles by DNA is different in every human being. This is a basic reason why the billions of people who have ever lived on earth look different from each other. The basic structure and functions of organs are the same in every person. In spite of every person is created in such a detailed and special manner which is different from each other. So there is everything going in order. But the cells are devoid of consciousness to accomplish such collective action. So by the newly produce DNA molecule, more mistakes can be done than normal as a result of external factors. What I want to convey the idea to the next generation is that the pure man is coated by the various external and internal [mainly heredity] factors as the day advances. This is also proved by the nature of the multiplication of DNA. Just imagine Master Hahnemann and Master Kent realized this phenomenon 300 years ago. So they advised us’ you must go back’ as far as possible to know the inner man. I think they are not less great than Sir Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, etc.

We have to know another beauty of nature to understand the beauty of dynamic micro immune therapy. The mistakes due to external and internal factors of the above-mentioned DNA Must be rectified by nature. HOW? The ribosome in the cell starts to produce DNA repairing enzymes. Thus the DNA protects himself. It also guarantees the Preservation of the generation.

So the dynamic power of homeopathy activates the body’s own DNA {genes} – repair system which is responsible for the activation of all enzymes (Crucial for all life). When all the enzymes a healthy body requires are present, all pathogens (bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites) can no longer survive & die off. This occurs because there is no longer a breeding ground for germs. Living cells have evolved a series of enzymatic systems that repair DNA damage in a variety of ways. Failure of this system can lead to a higher mutation rate. A number of human diseases can be attributed to defects in the DNA repair so if we trigger up the immune system as well as the enzymatic system then what happens?

*All allergies & sensitivities disappear.

*Every kind of toxins & metabolic products are eliminated.
(Toxins are the creators of symptoms. Every pathogen produces toxins)

*Elimination of metabolic disorders covering more or less every system. This elimination happens by way of mineral utilization & energy production.

So to maintain the state of health you will require a simple maintenance program I e regular exercise, balanced diet, yoga, and pranayama, meditation. Then it will be difficult for the infection to invade. This non-materialistic approach can increase the number of miracles.

To realize the non-materialistic aspect We have to understand the words of Goldsmith, the master of the Art of Spiritual Healing. “Finding and inner communication with something greater, for greater than anything in the world; it is finding ourselves in God, finding yourself in spiritual peace, an inner peace, an inner glow, All of which comes to us with the realization of God with us ….. Resting in that peace; the body resumes its normal function and those functions are carried on by a power not our own. The body then began to show perfect complete health, youth vitality & strength, all the gift from the Lord. Man is then lifted into a new dimension of consciousness, one in which the physician did not operate. Spiritual healing then is not so much in our activity. As a submission to the activity of supra-mental realms and resting in the recognition that perfect health already exists at the plain of consciousness.”

Next to Hahnemann Dr. Jean-Pierre Gallavardin consider the human being in his unity body and soul. The minds become materialize and manifest the whole body and attitude. An inhuman attitude of today’s generation may be rectified by great Homeopaths. Dr. Gallavardin was also succeeded to change the defective attitude and character. Some cases from Psychism and Homeopathy.

A child 4 years old onanist, disobedient, authoritative, stubborn, violent, do not yield even too force cured by Silicea.

Wicked husband, sullen, jealous and drunkard cured by Lachesis -200 & Sulphur -5000.

In a lady the impulse to throw herself out of the window. Coquettishness, spending habits cured by Belladonna -300.

The beginning of dementia of an old man, who was very intelligent aged 78 years, cured by Natrum Mur.

The taste and aptitude for Mathematics developed by Calc Carb in two patients.

The impulse to libertinage (too much genital passion in a young girl of 18 years), amelioration by Nux Vom -200, cured by Platina – 200.

There are many instances, but the most interesting thing is that man may be free to some extent from cruelty, selfishness, jealousy impulse to murder, social crime, addiction, etc. The man will be so much lucky if he can taste the opportunity of gene targeting therapy in pure form as early as possible. To establish this miracle we have to go through the philosophy of Sweden Borg

Dr. Sweden Borg’s idea influenced Kent to form concepts regarding soul, inner-man & personality. Dr. Sweden Borg said “all creations have its origin in divine love and wisdom. It aspect that all created things are necessary forms an effect of a specific aspect of that divine love and wisdom, and so correspond to material plain to spiritual realities. Soul, mind, and body and degrees of existence in descending order and the annotative existence of higher degree create and mold that of a lower degree. So in order to cure the lowest form of disease we have to influence the higher plain which contents the secrets.”

The father of the child is sleeping in every child. The child of today will be a child’s father tomorrow. A child is a symbol of simplicity, purity, and sinlessness. Childlike simplicity is very much necessary to describe a person of excellent character. Bhagaban Shri Shri Ramakrishna is the perfect example of childlike simplicity throughout his whole life. At least we can try to do something to re-establish the power of judgment* of this new generation to some extent.

Kent said, “all human beings have the like possibilities of degradation; so we cannot look down on any member of the human race. We sometimes find the lowest characteristics that are noblest.” He also felt “man has an exalted change in anything but himself.” I think the spiritual evolution of human personality is lacking today. It is really very much painful. Swami Tathagatananda, president of the Vedanta Society, established by Swami Vivekananda expressed “the supreme divine truth is flashed in a pure mind free from all blemishes of a human being.” It will be possible when man will begin to understand his true nature. Only after this realization, the greed of political leaders, the destructive attitude of media, selfishness, terrorism, cruelty, and jealousy will be less. Then the environment will be healthy. The Vedanta agrees with Darwin that heredity and environment can modify a species.