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Initiatives of Indian Council of Medical Research

Initiatives of Indian Council of Medical Research in Scientific Validation of Traditional Medicines

This is a great pleasure for us that at last the INITIATIVES OF INDIAN COUNCIL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH IN SCIENTIFIC VALIDATION OF TRADITIONAL MEDICINES, in spite of revolutionary research made by World-renowned Scientist, Doctor and other based on modern medicines and their beneficial immediate effect to combat the life-threatening condition, the “SCIENCE OF LIFE “ are reflected in the wisdom and experience of ancient physicians has globally rekindled curiosity of man searching for an answer in Traditional System of Medicine to quell the emerging dissatisfaction with prevalent treatment modalities of modern medicines for chronic and refractory diseases: this interest has found an echo in ICMR ‘s research initiative on indigenous drugs right from the council’s very inception as is evident from the significant support given by the council to the pioneering work of the late SRI RAMNATH CHOPRA, the father of Indian Pharmacology in the formative years of his career in INDIA.

Subsequently with the branching of the CCRIMH in the several independent councils such as the Central Council for Research in Ayurveda & Siddha (CCRAS), Central Council for Research in Unani Medicine (CCRUM), Central Council for Research in HOMOEOPATHY (CCRH) & Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy (CCRYN).

The council never lost its basic interest in the scientific evaluation of their time-honored ancient system of Medicine through ad-hock, research scheme sand fellowships.

The efficacy of Ayurvedic Medicines treatment in Rheumatic Arthritis in Coimbatore first and then subunit at Chennai in 1982.

The subcommittee of Rheumatologist showed that the Ayurvedic line of treatment (as practiced by the TRM experts at Coimbatore )had Analgesic and any Anti-inflammatory activity similar to the first line of modern Analgesic and any Anti-inflammatory related rheumatic drugs like the salicylate group of drugs did not possess any disease resulting activity except some irreversible toxic action. In the wake of the renewed global interest in the traditional system of medicines and CHINA rediscovering the ANTI-MALARIAL DRUG ‘QUINGAAfrom the common Artemisia plant marking an important milestone in Global Medicine.

For the last 20 years, I thought that every branch of medicine specially allopathy, homeopathy, and Ayurveda has got a tremendous potentiality to cure different types of diseases within their own limitations.

After that, I was convinced that there are some emergency and other diseases that Modern Medicine has a great role. But they can’t cover all the curable diseases at a time due to their tremendous toxic action and has got no power to prevent the diseases, where immunity should be triggered up.

They can create immunity in BCG, Polio, Triple Antigen, Hepatitis, etc. But not in diabetes, hypertension, chronic renal failure, epilepsy, and many others. So in this respect, we are grateful to EMIL ADOLF VAN BEHRING (MD) –The Father of the First Nobel Prize for his discovery of Diphtheria and Tetanus Antitoxin in 1892. BEHRING actually experimented with serial (homeopathic) dilutions and found paradoxically enhanced immunogenic activity. Behring broke from the orthodox medical tradition by recognizing the value of the homeopathic law of similars.

But it gives tremendous pleasure for us (Consulted Homoeopathic Physician) that Behring said “if I were confronted that hitherto incurable diseases I could no way to treat it, other than HOMEOPATHY “. So one of the greatest scientists of the world understood that only homeopathy can prevent many dreaded diseases of today and of the near future. Because he sacrificed his whole life in preventing diseases. Now ADVANCED HOMOEOPATHY with its principle limitations improved dramatically by the way of different software and complete knowledge of every branch of medicine like neurology, gastroenterology, pediatrics, orthopedic, geriatrics, cardiac diseases, etc. The great Adolf Van Behring understood it 125 years ago.

For the last 25 years, I always used to think that there are many diseases where modern medicines are unparalleled. Also, there are some diseases where homeopathy is relatively better, nontoxic can trigger up the immunity has got no side effects, and are cheaper.

Also in Ayurveda, Perfect health is defined as  a ‘ balance between body, mind, spirit and social well being ‘

Like all holistic health system, Ayurveda emphasizes the unshakable connections between body and mind, and spirit. However, Ayurveda’s connectedness extends far beyond the individual, reaching into the universal arena.

Basically I am a homeopath, so I consider and compare the basic diseases of different systems of the body in respect of Allopathy and Homoeopathy.

The philosophy Homoeopathic system of medicine begins with the idea given by Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine. He said: “it is more important to know what sort of a person has a disease than to know what sort of a disease the person has”


In short, the basic principle of homeopathy is that a substance that triggers a certain disease can also be used to treat that disease .this is referred to as THE LAW OF SIMILARS. As well as this “LIKE CURES LIKE” principle. I think the Father of Homoeopathy DR. SAMUEL HAHNEMANN was influenced by the father of modern medicines. Actually HAHNEMANN was the great inventor of the homeopathic system of medicine invented the term ALLOPATHY.

Being a great Allopathic Physician (in the first stage of his life ) he understood that the treatment of the whole suffering humanity all over the world can’t be completed if another branch of ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES i.e. HOMOEOPATHY was not there.

The Great DR. MAHENDRA LAL SARKAR (MD)  of  MODERN MEDICINES, PHYSICIAN of SRI SRI RAMAKRISHNA also one of the pioneers of the Homeopathic System of Medicines in INDIA was influenced by reading WILLIAM MORGAN’S  THE PHILOSOPHY OF HOMOEOPATHY”. In a meeting of the BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, he proclaimed HOMOEOPATHY to be superior to MODERN MEDICINE.

Now we all know that he was converted as the ALL-TIME GREAT HOMOEOPATH. SRI SRI RAMAKRISHNA (combination RAM & KRISHNA) was treated successfully by the GREAT DR. SARKAR. At the last stage of his life, SRI SRI THAKUR was suffering from cancer of the throat. Imagine more or less 130 years ago.  Dr. Sarkar successfully treated the dreaded disease cancer at least to some extent. He did it before the Discovery of ADVANCED COMPUTERISED REVOLUTIONIZED CLASSICAL METHOD.

Now I am going to the basic things of this article. I want to consider the common diseases of all the systems of the body and to cure them according to the philosophy and limitations of CLASSICAL ALLOPATHY((MODERN MEDICINE) AND CLASSICAL HOMOEOPATHY.

As homeopathic treatment is considered to develop cure and prevention at a time it may be called that Trigger up your recent and future immunity by DYNAMIC MICRO IMMUNOTHERAPY which is nothing but ADVANCED COMPUTERISED REVOLUTIONIZED CLASSICAL  HOMOEOPATHY –Rectify all the systems of the body at a time – Reduce the extra burden of specialist and unnecessary investigations.  

So at first, we have to gather a complete knowledge of all the diseases of the different systems to know the PROGNOSIS, MANAGEMENT, and how to cope up with the emergency conditions. Besides that, we have to know our limitations. We are very much thankful to the INDIAN COUNCIL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH of Traditional Medicines through B.H.M.S. Bachelor of Medicine and surgery in Homoeopathy. Almost equivalent to MBBS except for the Pharmacopeia chapters.

Also many years ago they created a course MD. Now a big number of MD Physicians are among us. So on the basis of this, I consider myself a TRUE COMPLETE CLINICIAN  in PERSONALIZED MEDICINE. After that question of Allopathy or Homoeopathy comes. I think from the beginning that is 1st year of the BHMS  course everybody will work hard to become a true complete clinician after that the question of Allopathy or Homoeopathy will come and their limitations.

Always the homeopaths are not controlling all the diseases, also we have got no branch-like allopathy system of medicines, so modern medicine can go deeper through their specialization. it is a pathologist who can’t do a Laminectomy (surgical procedure ) for decompression sickness of the spinal cord. Also, an orthopedic surgeon can’t do dialysis. Henceforth we can say they are the masters of their own arena.

So we have to be a true complete clinician to combat different diseases. I personally think we are also a branch of the total medicinal system of this world. It is impossible to control or cure all the diseases of this universe.

Still, I collected some specified diseases from all the systems of the body where advanced allopathy is more effective. They are dictating the emergency condition all over the world through their advanced management and life-saving drugs. Also, they are superior to other systems of medicine particularly infectious, diseases, immunization in childhood, and at last but not least to those diseases where they have discovered or invented medicine. They have got tremendous scopes to increase their ability every moment for their continuous Research of latest life-saving medicines. After the diagnosis of specific diseases like leprosy, tuberculosis, meningitis, pneumonitis & diphtheria, tetanus, cardio & cerebrovascular accident, acute COPD, and many many acute conditions where specific medicine has got a tremendous advantage over the other systems of medicines. This is because of the disadvantages to select the proper medicine within a very short span of time & to regulate the modern management i.e. heart-lung machine, cardiac monitoring, anesthesia & other pre-surgical and post-surgical procedures.

There are many instances where most of the population depends upon the efficacy of modern medicines. Still, there are some chronic complicated, and incurable diseases where Advanced Homoeopathy can play a greater role.

So I have tried some common and complicated diseases from all the systems of the body from head to foot where we also treat, can cure, and develop immunity against the total system of the body at a time within an unbelievable short span of time.