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Dr. Amitava Maity, Hahnemann Point, Entally, Kolkata

A unique case of blepharospasm

This is a unique case of blepharospasm. It causes blinking and twitching of the eyelid in the early stage. But this patient came to me in a very advanced stage.

He was suffering from complete drooping of eyelids for 2 to 3 years. He has to use his hand to pull the lead upwards. This uncontrollable complete drooping of eyelids is very difficult to cure.

Before coming to me The patient consulted many ophthalmologists but there was no result.

After that, he came to me. Again I advised him to consult some more ophthalmologists. But there was no result. After that, I began to treat him sincerely.

We have to collect symptoms from early childhood. The first time there was no improvement. But from the second time patient felt dramatic improvement. The paralysis of the eyelid decreased. That patient has no difficulty Now. He can see without the help of his hand.

He has to continue my medicine for another few months. This is a miracle, but it does not mean we are the substitute of an ophthalmologist.