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Hair & Scalp diseases – DERMATOLOGY

From Head to Foot

Let us start from the Hair & Scalp diseases – DERMATOLOGY


First, we have to know Cause Hair Loss. Only a very little percentage of physicians want to know it. Others are very much busy to show their efficacy through advertisements and media sources.

The causes are :

  • Damage to the hair such as dyes and Permanents & from the hot roller, curling irons, or Hairdryers. Hair pulling & Hair Twisting.

    TREATMENT: At first the patient should be advised to refrain from the above factor.

  • TRICOTILLOMANIA: A mental health problem where a person pulls out his own hair.
  • Chemotherapy & Radiotherapy
  • Recent Surgery, high fever & emotional stress
  • Diseases such as Lupus Or Hypertension (Lupus SLE )  – A condition characterized by inflammation of tissue by Auto Immune Disorder.
  • Heavy Metal Poisoning such as Thallium or Arsenic Poisoning.
  • Lack of Protein & Iron in the diet.
  • Ringworm or fungal infection.
  • Menopause
  • Unhygienic Cosmetic procedure

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis – Increased number of antibodies against Thyroid specific Protein i.e. T.Lymphocytes