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Role of Classical Homeopathy

Role of Classical Allopathy (Modern Medicine) & Classical Homeopathy On Scientific Basis


Let us summarize the above picture about the Role of Classical Homeopathy and Classical Allopathy.   Here every branch of modern Medicines is given. All branches are specifically related to Modern Medicines. The suffering Humanity may think that all the diseases of the world are regulated by Modern Medicines Through its different branches. So where is the scope of Alternative Medicine? Obviously this is rational thinking. Hence Health of the whole world depends upon MODERN MEDICINES & ITS DIFFERENT BRANCHES.

The total system of modern medicines is carrying out the health of the suffering people. Let us think suddenly like a Tsunami without any prior information which can destruct many lives than modern medicine without its uses and management can collapse the health of the whole world. If this type of catastrophe happens for a few seconds then millions of people will die all over the world. 

In spite of that, the SCIENTIST & RESEARCH WORKER of modern medicine are creating new discoveries or inventions to save Precious Human Life. In every aspect of medicine (curable or incurable ) they are trying for new beneficial approaches for us. 

The Government of every country is spending millions of Dollars, Pounds, Rupees, Euros, etc for this kind of research.

The WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) is very much aware and prompt to combat :

  • To improve equity in health, reduce health risks, promote healthy lifestyles and settings, respond to the undergoing determinants of health.
  • To develop and implement multi-sectoral policies for health, integrated gender, and age-sensitive approaches that facilitate community, empowerment throughout the life course in cooperation with the relevant national and international partners.
  • Degree of integration of health promotion into national health programs into national health strategies and services and appropriate settings.
  • Sustainability of financing of health promotion interventions in countries especially for modern medicine. Still, they are very much reluctant to improve alternative medicines.