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Dr. Amitava Maity, Hahnemann Point, Entally, Kolkata

A case of an early stage of cancer.

The image of a precancerous stage on 20 Nov 2021 may be an early stage of cancer.

Patient name – Jayanta kumar Samanta.

The patient has a history of cancer beginning with Grandmother, mother, and elder brother. Also, he has a history of too much smoking. On 20th Nov 2021 he came to me with a big white patch having on both side cheeks for the last 5-6 years. But he tried another system of medicine for 5 years, but there was no improvement. After that, he came to me on 20 Nov 2021.

I considered his present symptoms, past history, and genetic history. I took a detailed history taking of temperament from his early childhood. After November he came on December at that time he was suffering from Covid -19. I prescribed covering the main disease and Covid -19. The patient was recovering dramatically.

After that patient came on 18th Jan 2022 for follow-up. It’s revealed that the white patch has been reduced by more than 70% and he is feeling better as a whole. My treatment not only improves the precancerous or cancerous condition of the mouth but also detoxified the whole mind and body by triggering Immunity. The medicine is carcinogen 30,2 dose only.
This is the promoted homeopathic treatment based on Microimmuno Genetics.