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A case of Renal Stone

This is the case of Mr. J Jha. He came to me in February 2021.

He was suffering from Acute pain in the abdomen. The pain was radiating from back to front. This was a case of Renal Stone. That was first diagnosed on 19.9.2019. (Report attached)

After that, Mr. Jha tried everything, but acute pain appeared from time to time. However, by God’s grace patient came to me in February 2021. After consuming my Medicine Pain was almost disappeared within 7 days. But Medicine was taken religiously.

Again USG of the lower abdomen was done on May, 2021. There was no stone.

It is to be noted that Renal Stone or Nephrolithiasis is a Metabolic Defect. The dynamic power of well-selected Homoeopathic Medicine is capable of curing Renal Stone by rectifying the Metabolic Defect. So the chance of reappearance is less.

It has been seen many cases of Renal Stone reappeared after doing Lithotripsy, as Lithotripsy can not rectify the Metabolic Defect.

On the other hand, Lithotripsy is the only option when chances of Renal damage are more acute may be from backflow of urine ie Hydronephrosis, etc. A few years ago when there was no scope of Lithotripsy, the abdomen had to open. That was more painful. It is to be noted that, many Homoeopathic physicians removed many Renal Stone by Medicine.

But Everybody has to go for some pathological test before starting the Treatment. 1 – urine for R/E, urea, creatinine, CBC or complete blood count, Na, K, serum calcium, uric acid, etc, and obviously USG, KUB, etc. Sometimes Glomerular filtration test may be necessary.

Some cases need no treatment where there is no pain or any obstruction or very small Stone. Only Management is necessary.

In spite of that, if the Kidney stone is diagnosed, it is advisable to go for Homoeopathic Treatment to remove both Metabolic defects and Stone.

In the above case, I just prescribed Lycopodium – 1M / 3 doses, followed by Berberis Vulgaris – Q and Ocimum Can – Q . But I cured Most of the cases by Belladonna – 200, 1M, and Berberis Vulgaris – Q.