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Kidney Stone – Homeopathy Treatment – Dr Amitava Maity

This is a case of Kidney stone or Nephrolithiasis. The patient first came on 22.6.2022 with colic in the lower abdomen with interruption of urination.

Sometimes, the urinary flow was normal. However, I began to treat her. There was no severe hydronephrosis, which can damage Kidney. The size of the stone was 6.3mm. Frequently, the patient was complaining of burning and pain in the right lower abdomen.

Initially, there was not too much improvement. After 2 to 3 months, pain begins to decrease considerably.

The patient is very poor. Failed to do USG Frequently. However, in March or April 2023, She did a USG. The report reveals a very tiny calculus.

Again, USG was repeated in June 2023. There is no trace of any stone. In the meantime, I have checked her urea, creatinine, CBC, etc. Sometimes, the Glomerular Filtration Test is very vital.

The secret of this success- like other ston Renal Stones appears due to a metabolic Defect. We try to rectify this Defect by triggering the Immunity. So in our treatment recurrence is low.

It is not guaranteed that all cases of kidney stones will be cured in Homoeopathy. especially when the stone will bigger. It can damage the Kidneys.

Here Lithotripsy or any other measure may be required. But every time, the physician should be aware of the condition of the kidney.

But the most remarkable thing is that Ideal Homoeopathic treatment can rectify the metabolic disorder which is responsible for many diseases.

If anyone takes our well-selected Homoeopathic medicine, then it can rectify all the systems of the body at a time including the formation of stones.