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Physical Symptoms and Personality Profile

Importance of Physical Symptoms and Personality Profile

In spite of that if the physicals of the case are keynotes of one remedy, and mental only vaguely fit a different remedy, the physicals should be given more importance. i.e. Feels better when constipated (Cal carb)

Philip bailey described“There are typical cases of just about every type from the mental point of view, which can mislead the Homeopath. In such cases, the essence of the personality, if it can be divined, may be more useful than the particulars. The essence is a theme that runs every aspect of the personality of Arsenicum. In other cases, a single strange, rare or peculiar mental trait can reveal the correct remedy. The hand washing of the compulsion of  syphilinum is a good example.”

Only considering the above two symptoms of two medicine we have cured many cases of irritable bowel syndrome, gastric ulcer, eczema insomnia [arsenic], on the other hand, syphilinum helped to improve mental disorder, ulcerative stomatitis, premature baldness, rapid emaciation addiction, etc.

After considering the philosophy of Dr. Hahnemann, Dr. Kent, Dr. Sehgal, It will be very much easier to follow Dr. Philip M Bailey – He said – “In my experience, the mentals, the personality of the patient are still the least understood. This is the most underdeveloped aspect of Homeopathy.”

“The human organism appears to retain a memory of all preceding chronic states of the body and mind. This memory retains certain inherited traits. Each stable state of body and mind can be considered a layer of the person’s constitution. When it has been superseded by a different stable state, it remains as a cellular memory, which can be reactivated in the future. This takes place when more recent layers have been peeled off by correct homeopathic prescribing.”

“In my experience inherited layers of pathology frequently correspond to the miasmatic remedies –psorinum, syphilinum medorrhinum thuja tuber. when these layers have been removed one often finds non-miasmatic remedy layers underneath.”

“However, it often happens that a person is born with only one constitutional layer, whether it be miasmatic or not, and treatment will simply rebalance the vital force within the same layer. Thus A person may benefit from occasional doses of the same constitutional remedy throughout his or her life.”

“Additional layer of pathology may be acquired after birth by exposure to, traumatic influences, be it psychological trauma,(nat mur), direct physical trauma, [natrum sulph], gonorrheal trauma (medorrhinum). It must be remembered before exposure to trauma (psychological, injury, gonorrhea), the patient was maybe nat mur, nat sulph, medorrinum respectively.”

We are very much glad to announce that our colleagues’ Dr. Shyamal Kr Das has been working hard to re-establish this idea. But Dr. Das and others should explain the ART of diagnosis and basic philosophy of Homoeopathy to the newcomers every time before going to WE. MUST GO BACK AND PRESENT, PERSISTING AND PREDOMINATING SYMPTOMS  Otherwise the number of quacks will be increased.

At last, if there is any confusion, they can follow SWAMIJI –
“In a conflict between the heart and the brain, follow your heart,”