Nerve Problems – Homeopathy Treatment – Dr Amitava Maity

A patient with severe unsteady gait came recently before suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gastritis, tremors, and bad effects of malaria. It's almost better. Now come with a loss of balance. There are many causes. I have to find out the cause. Whatever the cause these types of cases take a long time to improve. But this case only took 10 days to improve. Now the patient is normal. The medicine was natrum mur - 10m. In this case, I have not taken symptoms from very childhood. Constitutional treatment only.

Speaking Problem – Homeopathy Treatment – Dr Amitava Maity

Almost inability to speak for up to 3 years. The patient came with her father at 3 years old. Treatment started. Terrific improvement. Normal within 3 to 4 months. The medicine was Tarantula Hispididus - 30 / 4 doses. After that came various troubles. Was better but no satisfaction for me. A few days came with huge tonsils tried allopathy. Relieved temporarily again come to me with forgetfulness and colic. Again Tarantula repeated. Improving speedily. Mental Symptoms taken from early childhood. H/ of father mother grand father grand mother.

Hyperpigmentation – Homeopathy Treatment – Dr Amitava Maity

There was a spotted ringworm. Hyperpigmentation persisted for some years. 90% of pigmented blackish skin disappeared within 35 days, according to the patient’s confession. 15 years ago I was not successful in fighting with those types of black skin. But when I started to apply Microimmuno Genetics based totally on Homoeopathic philosophy, miracles were happening.

Chronic Ulcer – Severe Pain in Right Wrist Joint – Homeopathy Treatment – Dr Amitava Maity

This patient was suffering from chronic ulcer with Reflux oesophagitis, indigestion, and lack of sleep for 7 to years. Just Ignatia was given. The patient is telling her experience. Almost cured within 8 to 9 months. After that suffering from severe pain in the Right wrist joint. I diagnosed it with Carpal tunnel syndrome. Again, I prescribed Ignatia - IM / 3 doses. 90 All credit to My Guru Dr Biswaji Roy. 90% was better. Again, she feels very slight pain. That will disappear. It is shared in various magazines. The technique is highly appreciated.

Internal External Piles – Homeopathy Treatment – Dr Amitava Maity

The patient was suffering from both internal piles for many years. There was terrible pain, bleeding, and burning was too much from 2021. No medicine was working. At that time He had to go for surgery. First few months, he was slightly better. Then again, pain, and burning reappeared. Tried many things, but not a slight improvement. The patient came to me on 18.4.2022. I have him Sulphur, Ratanhia, and Peonia, but no improvement. After that, I decided to take mental symptoms from his early life.

Ulcerative Colitis – Homeopathy Treatment

A miracle. The girl was suffering from ulcerative colitis,  Diagnosed by a Gastroenterologist (by colonoscopy)  for  3 years. There was some temporary relief initially. But gradually patient loses weight with tremendous uneasiness,  dysentery, diarrhea, and loss of appetite.  Ultimately patient came on the 22. 11. 2022. Reported today. The progress is excellent within 1 month. After 2 years first-time patients feel the nature of absolute comfort.  This type of improvement is going on regularly by Microimmuno Genetics based on Homoeopathic philosophy with the treatment of Dr. Amitava Maity. one of the best homeopathy doctors in Kolkata.

Frozen Shoulders-Tennis Elbow-Sciatica- Homeopathy Treatment

A female patient 45 years old like many others came to me for tremendous pain all over her body. According to her son, the was almost bedridden for 5 years. Go through various types of treatment. Without any permanent result. There was pain in the shoulder ( Frozen Shoulder), tremendous pain in the elbow ( Tennis elbow), pain wrist ( carpal Tunnel Syndrome), and Pain in the back radiation through the thigh ( sciatica).