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Miracles of Micro Immuno-Genetics in the Treatment of Cancer Pancreas.

Miracles of Micro Immunogenetics in the Treatment of Cancer Pancreas: Dr. Amitava Maity (Pioneer)

Immuno genetics is the study of the genetic basis of the immune response. It includes the study of normal immunological pathways and identification of genetic variations that result in immune defects which may lead to the recognition of new therapeutic mode of treatment.

The word Genetics has been added to Micro Immunotherapy which is termed as Micro Immuno-Genetics. The term Micro Immuno-Genetics comprises of all the processes of an organism which on one hand are controlled and influenced by genes of the organism and on the other hand are significant with regard to the immunological defense reaction of the organism.

The transfer of characteristics of an organism takes place from one generation to the next generation. The transfer of genes from the parent to the child generation of an organism within the scope of possible variations are the fundamentals of genetics. Definitely, Genetics has some role to influence the Immunity of the whole body.

Here, I want to explain Micro Immuno-Genetics in a scientific manner. (Thephilosophicaland spiritual explanations are given on my website

I believe Micro as small doses with Dynamic Power which Charles Darwin, the father of the Theory of Evolution also said in an experiment, “I have seen how the millionth part of a milligram of Ammonia could stimulate an artery. A 120 million fraction of a tiny crystal of common salt (Natrum Mur – a famous curative medicine of homeopathy) also causes a similar effect”. So, I’m also convinced that a million fraction of a tiny particle also has the power to cure complicated diseases.

Jacques Benveniste (France) A Nobel Laureate of digital biology had claimed that vigorously shaking water solutions of an antibody could evoke a biological response, even when the antibody was diluted out of existence (memory of water).

Similarly, immunotherapy is a therapy that triggers up the Immunity to heal our mental and physical ailments. Hence, my process of application includes the understanding of the genetic background to increase immunity by fighting with the internal and external destructive factors.

The medicine should be selected by considering the total body of a human being (physical and mental). Here, I want to describe the scientific aspects to cure or give long-standing relief by increasing immunity as a whole. We all know that globally all scientific researchers are following the single path of increasing or building internal immunity to cure cancer and other deadly diseases.

I’m thankful to the 2018 Nobel Laureates in Medicine, Dr. James P Allison of the US and Dr. Tasuku Honjo of Japan who showed that it is possible to stimulate the inherent ability of our immune system to fight against cancer which established an entirely new thought process for Cancer therapy – the fourth category for Cancer Treatment other than the existing ways of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

To increase immunity Dr. Allison had to discover another protein promising strategy to fight against cancer. Dr. Honjo demonstrated that by utilizing a protein as a target in the treatment of cancer by increasing the immunity to stop the metastasis (spreading of cancer cells in the body) for long term remission.

Micro Immunogenetics
(The above diagram depicts how Immunotherapy works to identify and attack Cancer cells)

The inherent aim of the existing worldwide processes which are followed to fight against Cancer is to increase internal human body immunity. Some of the processes are given below:

  1. Check Point inhibitors.
  2. Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-Cell Therapy.
  3. Cytokines.
  4. Cancer Vaccines.
  5. Developing Mono-Clonal Antibodies.
  6. Oncolytic Viruses

I want to discuss in brief on the utility of “Check Point Inhibitors” therapy.

To date, the application of “Check Point Inhibitors” in pancreatic cancer has been disappointing. An individual pancreatic cancer patient can have a deficiency in one or multiple steps of the anti-tumor immune response. So, here always the conventional mode of cancer therapy may not be beneficial for pancreatic cancer. Thus, a personalized medicinal approach will be required for long-lasting benefits.

Recently scientists are researching the mode of application of sequencing techniques and neoantigen vaccine which has achieved promising results in clinical trials to promote personalized immune therapy. Neo antigens are protein fragments found only on cancer cells. Due to their unique nature, targeting them and allow a patient’s immune systems to find and attack cancer cells while leaving healthy cells alone.

I came across the term “Immuno-Oncology” during my work with Micro Immuno-Genetics. Our immune system is a complex network of organs, cells, and molecules that protects us from foreign substances like bacteria and viruses like Covid-19 (Coronavirus)which causes infection.“Immuno-Oncology” is the study and development of treatments that take advantage of the immune system of our body to fight Cancer.

The glorious journey of Homeopathy was invented by Master Samuel Hahnemann on the concept of Individualized Immune Therapy.

For the last 15 years, all my efforts have been dedicated to the development of individualized/personalized Immunotherapy.

Hereby, I strongly believe that the basic foundation of Homeopathic treatment is based on individualized/personalized Immunotherapy.

A new theme has been discovered by Dr. Amitava Maity. This has been possible after an intense research of 12 years.

He has taken the advice of different Nobel Laureates, Scientist of Genetics, Microbiology Father of a different system of medicine Charak, Sushrut, Hippocrates and Hahnemann, etc. But basically, it stands on the philosophy of Homeopathy.

But today’s scenario demands prompt results, long-lasting action without toxicity. But the best practical revolution of Dr. Amitava Maity possibly the first time in which diseases demand which pathy.

However the examples of Microimmunogenetics. Here MICRO means – The minimum quantitative dose but tremendous qualitative dynamic power. This is absolutely a process that all world is waiting for.

Immuno – means immunity. The most attractive thing is The well-selected Homeopathic medicine of high dynamic power can cure many diseases and create immunity at a time. No other system in the world can not do this thing.

Genetics – The basic technique of this glorious art of treatment has to start considering the genetic background.

This method is curing many complicated and chronic disease within a very short time without any toxicity.


Gradually Microimmunogenetics based on Homoeopathic philosophy is going towards a peak in some of the countries in the world with the help of different scientists of the world and basically some physicians of India.

We are proud of our Dr combined all the research work of India and abroad along with the Vedantic approach of Swamiji and invented MICROIMMUNOGENETICS. Undoubtedly still this is the speediest method to cure and prevent in most the devastating chronic cases including Uterine Fibroid (selected), Endometriosis, Osteo and especially Rheumatoid Arthritis, Irritatable Bowel Syndrome, Piles, Fistula, Complete Dementia, Decompression Sickness (Spinal Cord), Chronic Ulcer in all the parts of the GI system, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Piles, Prostate, Psoriasis, Leucoderma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome of long-standing Alzheimer’s (tremendous result), different types of the cyst and many many others.


  1. Go beyond conventional treatment.
  2. Speediest relief and cure.
  3. After some initial phase, the treatment will be done by Video call, WhatsApp, Email, and phone.
  4. This should not be treated as so-called adv without any philosophy and severe toxicity.
  5. The life saving allopathic medicine may be continued in selected diseases like Diabetes, Pressure, Cholesterol, Anticoagulant, etc.


It is not possible to treat a large no of the patient in a day. Very few patients will be allowed.