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Modern Medicine

Modern Medicine – Progress and Limitation

Modern medicine is indispensable today. We can’t survive in critical emergency cases & many other dreaded diseases without the help of the latest modern management.

In spite of that, there are many instances where unnecessary specialization along with unrequited pathological & radiological investigations creates an extra burden to our health & financial status considering our socio-economical condition.

From the above viewpoints, Dr. Amitava Maity has established the idea for the first time in the history of medicine.

We can not survive without the utility of Modern Medicine. Today the competition for every level of life has been increased. The man becomes restless, nervous, tense, and insecure. So they deserve to treat from the inside as well as outside. Modern Medicine is reluctant to cure from within.

Voltaire, the great philosopher, and physician said “Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.”

Andrew will, another great, expressed, “Treatment originates outside you, healing comes from within.”

They still consider the physical body is like a machine, made up of cells, joints, muscles. The great and tremendous advance of Modern Medicine is designed for mechanical conceptualization. If they can not consider the man who has a mind, thought and emotion, the system can not be complete. 

So Alternative Medicines are coming in front so rapidly. Another dark side of Modern medicine is overindulgence to specialization. Still today a large number of population all over the world need a doctor, who can read ECG, to apply an intravenous drip, to repair a mild fracture, without OT, detection of a parasite under a microscope, detection of HB, repair a Hernia and Hydrocele, and can treat all manageable acute and chronic conditions. 

Instead of that today we are facing more doctors who are specialized in disease of one organ in one age group or only can do surgery of a small part, can pass endoscope or colonoscopy through two orifices. It may be mentioned that Indira Gandhi exhorted Indian doctors not too specialized considering our socio-economic condition.


Today the medical world taking the shape of big industry. When a new drug is coming into the market, the manufacturers are trying to overemphasize the benefits. The limitations and side effects are not mentioned. Already some health personnel belief – the so much cost of Modern Medicine including high rated investigations are not proportionately balanced with the mental and physical well being of suffering humanity.

Mathew prior, another pillar of modern medicine said, “Modern Medicine is the negation of health, it is not organized to serve human health, but only itself, as an institution. It makes more people sick than it heals.”

Roberton said, “The rich physician, honored’ d lawyer ride whilst the poor scholar foots it by their side.”
Some Indian doctors have attempted to evolve a concept of holistic medicine on the basis of the Vedantic concept. I can say the classical dynamic Micro Immunotherapy (advanced homeopathy) is carrying the Vedantic concept. There are many limitations, but this therapy can trigger up all the systems of the body at a time. At least some people can avoid visiting different specialists and consume different medicine along with different unnecessary investigations. In each and every type of disease. Swami Brahmeshananda said, “Technicalization has stunted the growth of head and heart of doctors and made them medical Technicians.”

Most of today’s sufferer begins to feel, “Cured yesterday of my disease, died last night of my physician.”