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We Must Go Back

For example I saw a patient suffering from Migraine (Neurology) for a long time without any substantial benefit. The same patient was also suffering from a tendency to catch a cold with a recurrent asthmatic attack without permanent relief (chest medicine), bleeding from rectum continuing after the operation – (General Surgery), severe vertigo due to cervical spondylosis (orthopedics).  The patient came after consulting the different branches of medicine for 3 to4 years without any permanent benefit.  Only one group of medicine of this revolutionary method has given him permanent relief within a very short span of time covering all the above-mentioned branches of medicines.  There was no necessity of CT Scan/ MRI of Brain, Pulmonary Function Test (for Asthma), Echocardiography with color Doppler (to exclude cardiac involvement), Colonoscopy for bleeding rectum, etc. Only X-Ray of the cervical spine, chest X-Ray & TC, DC, ESR & HB% were necessary. But to avoid the unnecessary investigation you have to follow the philosophy of Master Hahnemann. Now let us go back to the previous case. So after confirming the diagnosis our journey begins. After taking the history it reveals that from the very childhood she wanted to be very independent. She does not want to take help from others. In school, she did not like to mix with the inferior quality of students. She thinks herself special among the others. Rubric Found in the Patient:-Delusion Proud- Lach, Plat.Exclusive too- Cal, Nat M, Plat, Delusions of Superiority- Plat. Contemptuous- Hard to subordinates & agreeable to superior- Lach, Lyco, Plat, Vert.

The patient was given Platina-200/1 dose. Apparently it looks that case was very easy to manage. It takes one hour’s time to identify the inner man. The lady looks so polite & amiable from outside that it seems there was no superior complexity. She is also very much conscious & careful of his domestic affairs like Puls, Sep, Baryta Carb, etc. Talks with a very low tone & timidity. The Lady was completely thirsted less, but not so many affectionate looks very confident. After considering the above symptoms Pulsatilla 200 was given, but it did not work. But when we go to childhood to school life, I collect the symptoms of Platina. We have to go to the original inner man. The external environment attached to an educated family makes the lady so gentle i.e. the outer coatings. To materialize this sort of cures the physician has to come in close psychological, spiritual, and confessional relationship with the patient. The patient needs someone who can listen to him patiently and to whom he can disclose his secret, worries, and feelings of guilt, someone who can understand problems and sympathize without demoralizing or accusing. A deeply religious doctor can do this job better.

There are many complicated and obstinate cases, which were cured by this method.

Hahnemann said “To cure a man it needs sound senses, attention in observing special circumspection, tact, patience in an eminent degree (organ on of medicine aphorism 83 & 98).

Dr. Kent also said, “A physician’s attitude in performing his duty to the sick is different from that of any other person.  He has a different sphere from that of the ordinary man. This is a thousand times amplified in Homeopathy.  One who has to entertain that peculiar circumcision of the heart, always looking to the good of the patient, never thinking of the criticism of man, acquires an ability to say what is right to do.  He establishes a garment of righteousness.  You can’t get on lucky shots & guesswork; everything depends on a long study of each individual case.”

The physicians also should have the courage to admit his mistakes or faults and adapt to changing conditions. Resistance to change is stagnation and stagnation means death. We have to think all men are divine from the beginning.

Louis Pasteur said: “Blessed is he who carries within himself a God, an ideal of beauty… for therein lying springs of great thoughts and great action.”

There are many complicated and obstinate cases, which were cured permanently by our panel physicians and many others. I do not want to go further. Also, I do not want to underestimate the different branches of medicine. We failed to understand the cause of chronic hoarseness without indirect laryngoscopy (ENT), we can’t repair a ruptured tympanic membrane without microsurgery (tympanoplasty – ENT). We can’t repair completely damaged lobe of a lung due to maltreated drug resistance Tuberculosis of long-standing or from Bronchogenic Carcinoma without lobectomy, (Chest Specialist). Today in most of the cases we can’t diagnose intestinal tuberculosis, ulcerative colitis, gastric-carcinoma, colon carcinoma, without the help of Endoscopy & Colonoscopy. A femur neck fracture patient would be invalid if there was no orthopedic surgeon etc. There are various aspects where Modern Medicine is indispensable.

What I want to say that still a large number of complicated cases where Advanced Homeopathy has achieved its superiority over Modern Medicine. Because it’s dynamic energy can trigger up the immune system more than any other systems of the world. We the modern people are completely hypnotized by the fruitless glamorous system of treatment in every type of disease. That is why due to minimum dose and lack of external glamour today’s’ generation sometimes hesitant to accept the supreme power of natural medicine. They can reduce the huge expenditure of modern medicine and use that for the maintenance of their family. Perhaps still they do not know-highly diluted DNA is well established in Homeopathic practice. Dr. William Osler, Father of Modern Medicine in Germany said:- “No human being is constituted to know the truth, the whole truth; & nothing but the truth, & even the best of men must be content with fragments with partial glimpses never the full fruition. The greater the ignorance the greater the dogmatism. Homeopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands of this age better than any other system or school of medicine.”

Swamiji said “Each will in time, come to know the highest truth. No one can teach you. You have to teach yourself. Your growth must come from inside.”

Dr. James Bryce, one of the pillars of Modern Medicine said “The only difference between medicine and poison is the dose intent.”

Dr. Georges Duhamel, the famous author of France said regarding the atomicity “The matter only unfolds the whole energy of its active powers in an atomic state, imponderable so to say immaterial as for example the vapors, the gas the calories, the electricity. Nothing is more logical & more rational but the atomicity, the invisibility the imponderability & infinitesimally of doses.”

I have not enough knowledge to explain the dynamic power of homeopathy. But it is confirmed, a small dose can carry a tremendous amount of dynamic power. In spite of that WHO and scientists of today are still very much doubt about its efficacy. They are not at all interested to establish its tremendous gene targeting power. It may be due to multinational companies. Still, there are few research works are going on without the financial and psychological support.

Jacques Benveniste (France) A Nobel Laureate of digital biology had claimed that vigorously shaking water solutions of an antibody could evoke a biological response, even when the antibody was diluted out of existence. (memory of water)

Luc Montagnier French Virologist winner of Nobel prize for his co-discovery of the link between HIV and AIDS claimed – water carrying only the electromagnetic signature of a DNA. He recently presented a Homeopathic method of detecting viral infection to shock scientists at a prestigious international conference.

He told the conference, “That solutions containing the DNA, pathogenic bacteria and viruses including HIV could emit low potency radio waves that induced surrounding water molecules to become arranged into the nanostructure. This water molecule could emit radio waves. He also suggested that water could retain electrochemical properties even when the solution was massively diluted.”

This idea is not new. It is one of the key tenets of Homoeopathy that the potency of a substance is increased with dilution as far as the liquid is succussed (vigorously agitated) and that highly diluted substances can and do biological effect.