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Pre-Cancerous Condition of Prostate

A Case of Pre-Cancerous Condition of Prostate

Patient’s Name: Mr. M. Haider

Age : 62 Yrs, Sex: Male

Treated By: Dr. Amitava Maity


Patient Came On 04.09.2014 With Tremendous Burning In Lower Abdomen Before And After Urination Also Involuntary Urination In Night With Complete Loss Of Appetite Along With Severe Weakness With Vomiting.

I Have Prescribed Him Conium Maculatum 200/4& Paris Quadrafolia 200c/20 On The Basis Of Constitution And Miasm. Advised To Do Usg Of Kub & Prostate & Psa .


Patient Came Without Any Improvement And Gradually Sinking With A Very Low Blood Pressure And Anaemia .Report Reveals Hypertrophy Of Prostate And Psa Was 16.29mg/Ml . I Decided To Refer The Patient To Hospitalize Because We Have Got No Mechanical Management But Patient Refused To Hospitalized.

Symptoms Was :

Very Weak With A History Of Cancer In The Family , Suffering From Vertigo On Lying Down Abstaining From Sex For Few Years –Above Mentioned Medicine Was Prescribed Which Brought No Improvement.

So I Decided To Go Back I.E. Symptoms Collected Immediately After Birth To Later Life :Patient Was Very Much Impatient & Cannot Tolerate Least Contradictions, Egoistic ,Fastidious , Ambition Increased From The Very Childhood.

Striking – (Cannot Eat Anything After Anger )
Company aversion .

He Was Prescribed Nux Vomica 200/3 .It Was A Miracle That Within 15 Minutes Patient Is Improving Very Rapidly


Patient Came With Better Sleep , Better Appetite ,Burning Is Less , Weakness Almost Gone . Patient Was Given Placebo 30/30 . Again Advised To Do Psa

Attached Report



Psa Was 2.12 Mg/Ml. After That Patient Never Came To Me .

a case of pre-cancerous condition of prostate