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Revolutionary speech in UK.

Demonstration of Advanced Revolutionized method of Homoeopathy

Demonstration of Advanced Revolutionized method of Homoeopathy based on microimmunogenetics in UK. This is the speediest method of Homoeopathy.

I am glad to inform you that this is one of my revolutionary lecture in the UK

My aim was to promote Homoeopathy from a spiritual, technical, scientific, and philosophical point of view.
It was arranged many days ago, but it was difficult to gather too many people at a time.
So I arranged a little number of small groups. But everybody was not interested in Homoeopathy.  , came from different spheres of life.
But everybody was conscious about Health.
So I started with ” Soul of the man and the soul of the medicine.” 
Like our soul medicine also has a soul and if we can match it,  the whole body can be detoxified and some selected complicated diseases can be cured at a time.
After that, the Verdicts of Hippcretes were described in one line.
After that role of micro Immuno genetics based on Homoeopathic philosophy was delivered. Some people were interested as prince Charles was gratified by WHO for promoting Homoeopathy. The Royal family is known to accustom to Homoeopathy. Swami Vivekananda said, ” Each work has to pass through these stages- Ridicule, opposition,  and then acceptance.  Those who think ahead of their time are sure to be misunderstood.”
However, this journey gives some exposure to New York, Frankfurt, France, Canada,  Singapore,  Bangladesh,  Australia,  Bangladesh, etc, and obviously different parts of our Mother Land.
Now patients from India and abroad can consult for treatment by WhatsApp,  Video call. Telemedicine, Email etc