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Dr. Amitava Maity, Hahnemann Point, Entally, Kolkata

Has written two books named 


This book has got recognition from the different dignified people from all fields of work in India & abroad. This book consists of 



Trigger up your immune system by Dynamic Micro Immunotherapy Non Materialistic approach of treatment in this Materialistic World 

Dr. Amitava Maity

Contents of the Book

  • Trigger Up Your Recent & Future Immunity By Dynamic Micro Immunotherapy
    Rectify All The System Of The Body At A Time – Reduce The Extra Burden Of Specialist And Unnecessary Investigations.
  • A MESSAGE FROM SWAMI SUPARNANANDA Principal & Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama (Narendrapur)
  • All-Time Greats
  • A Unique Combination of Professionalism, All Round Activities & Dedication
  • Journey Begins
  • Upliftment of the Downtrodden And All-round Activities
  • Social Services Rendered\
  • World Health Day Celebration Symposium and success in Cancer
  • All Round Activities including achievement in Sports Medicine
  • Rewarded from Cultural Personalities
  • With The Spiritual Personalities & Orphan Boys
  • Blessings of Thakur Ma and Swamiji
  • With Love from The Patient
  • Famous Athletes & Footballer
  • Down the memory lane
  • Philanthropic Inspiration
  • Different Types of Patient
  • Introduction
  • Dynamic Micro Immune Therapy
  • Art of Knowing the Inner Man
  • This is the Example of “We Must Go Back”.
  • The Homeopathic Gene Targeting Method
  • Mystery of Obesity, Type-II Diabetes, Atherosclerosis and Particular Cancer.
  • Non Materialistic Approach of Treatment in this Materialistic World.
  • Dynamic Power of Water Molecules
  • Rectification Begins from the Zygote
  • Importance of Physical Symptoms and Personality Profile.
  • Importance of Present, Persisting and Predominating Symptoms.
  • Importance of Miasm
  • How is it possible?
  • Modern Medicine – Progress and Limitation
  • Commercial Medicine
  • Duty of the Patient
  • Latest Diagnostic Technique but Holistic, Selective and Classical Approach
  • Experience The Miracles of Homeopathy in Some Selective Disease
  • No More Aimless Homeopathy, Go For Advanced Homeopathy For Prompt, Permanent & Zero Side Effect Cure
  • Sometimes When the Materialistic Approach of Modern Medicine Ends The Non materialistic Approach of Classical Homeopathy Begins.

Principal & Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama (Narendrapur)

Dear Dr. Maity                                                        30.07.2012

I have gone through the article. You have so painstakingly written. You feel the pinch yourself and that is why you can write so emphatically. It is written two parts, the first being materialistic and the 2nd part being non-materialistic. I like the 2nd part most where you have made the philosophy of medication clear. I pray, you be a true physician and see only the Real Man – the divine man – the man with consciousness. Treat the patient and spare the disease to go on its own. Love.

                                                            Yours affectionately,
                                                           Suparnananda                                                                                      (Satyada)         
Dr. A Maity                                                               



The disease patterns are changed and new concepts of health care and medicine have evolved. These changes can summarize in three wards – Commercialization, Technicalization, and globalization. Medicine today no more a humanitarian Arts and Science, that Is used to be but has a lucrative business – [A Materialistic Approach] -something which was decried in no uncertain terms by Sri Ramakrishna more than a century ago. While technical advancements have wrought wonders in certain fields, it has made modern techniques extremely expensive, elite oriented, and beyond the reach of the common man. Communicable diseases and problems of socio preventive medicines related to poverty and sanitation have assumed gigantic proportions in a third world country like India.

They cannot boast that a large number of patients are served by them by their high Technical sophistication (Materialistic way). Its glory lies in the spirit with which patients are served. Serving one patient with the right attitude, truly considering him a God, is far superior to serving multitude in a materialistic way. I just tried my best with my little knowledge that the non-materialistic approach also has a role to serve people in both technical and humanitarian ways.

Today most people are suffering from a combination of diseases at a time. The physicians of every branch of medicine and surgery are ready to serve the people. The medical science is so vast and diversified it is practically impossible for a physician to become the master of gastroenterology, cardiology, neurology, general medicine, orthopedic, gynecology, paediatry, dermatology pathology, radiology, oncology, etc. The surgery of each and every branch of medicine is impossible for an individual surgeon. There is definitely some advancement in clinical and surgical medicine. Life savings measures are very much improved. Technically the physicians of Modern Medicine are the master of sophisticated Management. So men are recovering from the critical stages. So today Modern Medicine is the main pillar for the sufferers.

In spite of that, there are many instances where unnecessary specializations along with unrequited pathological & radiological investigations create an extra burden to our health and financial status considering our socio-economic condition.

Even today a good considerate & all-round general physician can serve the people competently. They can reduce the cost of treatment in a large number of selected diseases. They have to consider their limitations also as the doctors are doing some gross mistakes. The Consumer Protection Act can give some protection to the sufferers. This Act also has a bad aspect. It destroys the doctor-patient relationship. Today Doctors are also avoiding treating simple cases. It is natural. I have seen simple cases of viral fever, if it continues for more than 5 to 6 days, the General Physicians, as well as the Specialists, are not taking any risk. Today we all know viral fevers are very much continuous in nature. A good clinician is also not taking any risk. From the very beginning, they are going for all types of related and unrelated costly and useless investigations to protect themselves instead of protecting the patient.

Every disease has its own course. But due to fear & apprehension, they are helpless. The patient party is also very much impatient today. Even educated & sophisticated people can’t try to understand the course of the disease. This may be due to uncertainties & insecurities of today’s life. As a result, most of the sufferer has to go to Private Hospital or Government asylum. Even wealthy people can’t afford the glamorous facilities of private hospitals. Obviously there are some critical cases where extraordinary management is necessary. But most of the cases do not need expensive management. A large number of manageable cases are referred to as the useless costly environment. Hospital managements are also taking advantage of it. Even a recent headache with high fever is referred to as MRI (neurological investigation).

However, who am I to change the system? We are all under the influence of consumerism and external glamour. As a Homeopath like others, in spite of curing many chronic & complicated diseases, we have to fight against the glamorous outlook of Modern Medicine in every moment. We are rectifying the number of selected diseases of different branches of medicine at a time. For an example, if a man is suffering from enlargement of prostrate, chronic respiratory distress, (Bronchial Asthma) irritable bowel syndrome & eczema then we can give long-lasting relief without the help of Urologist, Chest Medicine, Gastroenterologist & Dermatologist respectively, with a single group medicine at a time.

It seems unbelievable, but many classical Homeopaths are doing this remarkable job for many years. I just want to explain it in this article. How is it possible? Being a Homeopath I have used the term “Advanced Computerized Micro Immune therapy”. I want to explain that the purer form of Homeopathy acts as Dynamic micro-immunotherapy.

Dynamic – Dynamic power which is much stronger than ordinary disease force.

Micro immunotherapy – Minimum dose which can trigger up the immune system.

Advanced – It has been established that Homeopathic DNA targets genes that reduce the symptoms of the disease. The DNA molecules are designed to target immune response genes to help fight against infections & control the infectivity of Viruses.

Computerized – Today without the help of various software, the accuracy in selecting the medicine is very difficult, rather impossible. Different useful software are launching regularly.

The future generation physician should know that this gene targeting power can rectify all the systems of the body at a time and can protect or reduce the possibilities of future mental, physical and genetic diseases.


The second phase of the article is the non-materialistic aspect of treatment in this materialistic world. This advanced computerized dynamic micro immunotherapy will not be successful if the non-materialistic aspect of treatment is not considered. This is the divine art of healing. I have tried my best to establish the originality of the inner man, which is nothing but the true form of God. We can rejuvenate the inner man by triggering the immunity which is already in a man. The more we try to reach towards the inner man the ability of man will be more dynamic. The inner man, the Original man is free from all types of diseases and sins. He is the incarnation of God on Earth. If we can reach towards his original state, the power of supreme can destroy the effect of all external (environmental) and internal (genetic and inherited) influences.

This power can bring back immunity which will help to fight against all kinds of diseases in the future. This is what WHO said, “The health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being not merely an absence of disease or infirmity.”