Clinic: Hannemann Point, 2/1/2, Deb Lane (Entally, C.I.T. Road), Kolkata – 700014

For Appointment : 8981420599/9874988678

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Dr. Amitava Maity, a renowned Homeopathy Doctor in Kolkata 

dr-amitava-maity-a renowned homeopathy doctor in kolkata

Dr. Amitava Maity as a reputed homeopathy doctor in Kolkata established the Homeopathic Gene Targeting System which is known as Dynamic Micro Immune Therapy. Dr. Amitava Maity is the pioneer of developing the idea of the Non-materialistic aspect of medicine in this Materialistic world.

Dr. Amitava Maity has been carrying out extensive research work on the advancement of homeopathy and also engaged in an extensive study on immune pathology & Micro immune genetics.

Miracles of Micro Immunetherapy
The disease patterns are changed and new concepts of health care and medicine has evolved.
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A new theme has been discovered by Dr Amitava Maity. This has been possible after intense research of many years.
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Advanced Classical Homeopathy

Dr Amitava Maity, a physician of International repute gives Homeopathic system of medicine a new dimension for his all round performances.

He has succeeded to establish Homeopathy as a future generation medicine. 

Homeopathy Cured Cases

A new theme has been discovered by Dr. Amitava Maity. This has been possible after an intense research of 12 years.

He has taken the advice of different Nobel laureates, scientists of genetics, Microbiology Father of a different system of medicine Charak, Sushrut, Hippocrates and Hahnemann, etc.