We Must Go Back

For example I saw a patient suffering from Migraine (Neurology) for a long time without any substantial benefit. The same patient was also suffering from a tendency to catch a cold with a recurrent asthmatic attack without permanent relief (chest medicine),

Boosting up your immune system

After confirming the diagnosis, we have to consider the miasmatic background (if necessary) and pathological state. The Ideal works begin with the Master Hahnemann and Kent’s philosophy - “Mind is the key to the man. The patient has the same disease he had when he was born. This array of symptoms represents the state before the pathological conditions have been formed as after. And it is true if he has been liver disease or brain disease or any of the tissue changes that they called disease, you must go back and procure these very symptoms before you can make a prescription.”

Boost your immunity by dynamic micro immunotherapy –

Micro immune therapy is based on the perception that the immune-reaction of the body plays a central role in the emergence of diseases. Thus, micro immune therapy concentrates on clinical and biological improvement of the immune regulation and therefore to create a positive impact on the health situation of the organism. Areas of application are in particular diseases, which are based on an immune disturbance, as for example (chronic) infections or allergies.

A Case of Cancer Pancreas

The patient was under my treatment for some illness by way of Constitutional and Personalized mode of selection for few days before the present diagnosed life threatening disease. Hence, we may conclude that the overall immunity of the patient was in a good condition which is the most important aspect of Homeopathic Treatment.

Alzheimer’s Disease

A patient of Alzheimer's disease. Improving radically by promoted Homeopathy. Before that She was taking the allopathic medicine And disgusted. But most of the psychiatrist patient needs The help of Modern medicine and And high graded Homeopathic medicine conjointly.

Milk White Patch in the Face

There was a milk-white patch in the face on may. Also tingling sensation in the leg. Came today 9. 8 .2019. Just see the difference in 3 months. Tingling is also less. Bryonia -0/2 / 100ml. 20 drops twice daily. Still, we have to wait another few years.

Ankylosing Spondylitis

A case of sero negative Spodylo Arthropathy (ankylosing spondylitis) with /osteoporosis. The patient was completely bedridden for 14 to 15 years. I have not seen the patient the patient live in Jalpaiguri. on the basis of reports I prescribed Carcinocin- 0/2 and others.

Longstanding Frozen Shoulder, Arthritis, Ano Rectal Abscess (Fistula)

Both came from Australia. Madam is suffering from longstanding frozen shoulder, Arthritis, Ano rectal abscess (Fistula) and many other complaints. Already feels better after 3 to 4 days. The husband is suffering from psoriasis for more than 20 years. The itching is so intense in the night can not sleep in the night for many years . Can not get any relief in Australia. The report will come soon.

High Fluctuating Blood Sugar

Mr. S. N. Rathi, age 69 came to Dr. Amitava Maity with the history of high fluctuating blood sugar. For 30 years gradually the pt. Is becoming weak with puffiness of the face, sleeplessness and high level of urea creatinine After 1 month of treatment Not only urea, creatinine decreasing but also improved dramatically (clinically) is it not a miracle.

A Case of Irregular Bleeding with Burning Sensation

A patient came with irregular bleeding with burning sensation specially in ovarian in the month of August.  Ca 125 (cancer marker of ovary) was done. It was 44 and above. The treatment begins. The pt was feeling better and all the uneasiness gone. Again ca 125 was repeated in November. It was 16 mg/dl which is normal. The radical decrease of complaints and ca 125 does not mean the cancer is confirmed and it has been cured. But definitely the progress of any gross diseases of ovary has been checked and immunity has been developed.  It is very difficult to give proof of all cases. May be lots of precancerous stage and few cancer cases cured for long long years by Homeopathy ,the most neglected dynamic science of the future.

Gangrene is Due to Smoking Called Buerger’s Disease

This gangrene is due to smoking called buerger's disease. Before coming to me the one great toe has been amputed. But again the gangrene was spreading violently . Again the surgeons wanted to ampute it . That was a very big portion with They were right because this is the conventional way. But before that fortunately or unfortunately He came to me.