Initiatives of Indian Council of Medical Research

This is a great pleasure for us that at last the INITIATIVES OF INDIAN COUNCIL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH IN SCIENTIFIC VALIDATION OF TRADITIONAL MEDICINES, in spite of revolutionary research made by World-renowned Scientist, Doctor and other based on modern medicines and their beneficial immediate effect to combat the life-threatening condition, the “SCIENCE OF LIFE “ are reflected in the wisdom and experience of ancient physicians has globally rekindled curiosity of man searching for an answer in Traditional System of Medicine to quell the emerging dissatisfaction with prevalent treatment modalities of modern medicines for chronic and refractory diseases: this interest has found an echo in ICMR ‘s research initiative on indigenous drugs right from the council’s very inception as is evident from the significant support given by the council to the pioneering work of the late SRI RAMNATH CHOPRA, the father of Indian Pharmacology in the formative years of his career in INDIA.

Modern Medicine towards Prevention, Cure, Well Being, and Longevity.

MODERN MEDICINE has done much in the fields of infectious diseases and emergencies to aid cure. In most of the other fields, it is mostly that it aims for which is another name of PALLIATION. So WHO encourages both clinicians and researchers how to turn decisively towards Palliation and cure. Also, Longevity with well being in modern medicines is another big challenge

Role of Classical Homeopathy

Let us summarize the above picture.   Here every branch of modern Medicines is given. All branches are specifically related to Modern Medicines. The suffering Humanity may think that all the diseases of the world are regulated by Modern Medicines Through its different branches. So where is the scope of Alternative Medicine? Obviously this is rational thinking. Hence Health of the whole world depends upon MODERN MEDICINES & ITS DIFFERENT BRANCHES.