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How to detoxify humanity by triggering Immunity.

How to detoxify humanity in this Robotic age of Toxicity by triggering Immunity.

1- At first we have to do a Complete Health Checkup as far as possible- Then Diagnose the case — To get confirmed which branch of Medicine ( Allopathy or Homoeopathy ) is relatively more beneficial- less Time consuming and relatively cheaper for your disease and treat yourselves accordingly.
2 – In Today’s world, It is very difficult to alternate Modern Medicine in all sorts of diseases. Their highly sophisticated management, specialization, and Microspecialization are giving new life and increasing the longevity to most of the people in the world. 
2 – Still there are some diseases especially complicated, chronic, incurable selected from all the systems of the body where Holistic Medicine especially Homoeopathy is the only option. Also Yoga and pranayam. I do not much about Ayurveda. But the concept of Holistic Medicine is Invented by Charak and Sushrut.
3 -Advantages – Micro Immuno Genetics totally based on Homoeopathic Philosophy can cover many diseases at a time by one or related one group of Medicine.
Suppose A woman is suffering from Migraine,  osteoarthritis, Gastritis/ gastric ulcer, even leucoderma, etc then all will be cured at a time in the speediest way, obviously except Leucoderma.
4- Today we all know we, the common people are totally victims of the commercialization of Multinational companies in some condition. 
Certainly, some new drug discovery, technicalization, etc of modern medicine is responsible for the increase of longevity, and crores of patients are recovering from the death bed.
5 – On the other hand some apparently useless products with huge toxicity, without sustainable results. Tremendous costly drugs are coming into the market by the Multinational company. We are also hypnotized by the external gimmicks. We have to buy a Medicine of very temporary action with thousand and thousands of rupees.
6 – This is one of the causes of socio-economic destruction.  The patients are bound to buy this medicine. On the other hand, the drug companies are increasing the cost of daily used medicine like Diabetes,  pressure, etc.
7 – On the other hand if we can utilize the dynamic power of well-selected Homoeopathic Medicine 
The cost will be less and preventive power will be more. But in case of high Diabetes, Blood Pressure hyperlipidemia, High Thyroid, Epilepsy, severe depression We have to take Modern Medine. Now we are watching every time  Doctors are bound to increase the doses of costly Modern Medicine, as the Medicine can not perform the internal rectification by boosting the immunity, On the other hand, most of the costly high dose medicine is immunosuppressive. 
8 – Conjoint Therapy- But if we apply for Homoeopathic Medicine along with Modern Medicine gradually the number of medicine and future complications will be diminished. The inborn God-gifted immunity will be triggered up, hence the chance of Angioplasty, Bypass Surgery,  Dialysis, cerebrovascular accident, even cancer will be drastically reduced. Believe me for the last 25 years of my practice I have experienced it in thousand of cases. Also, for those who had an opportunity to take our medicine considering the genetic factors from childhood based on Homoeopathic Philosophy then future dreaded and devastating diseases will be less, less. and less. But you have to remove the detoxified layers of physical, mental toxification from birth.
This requires some extra dedication, and the concept of different Nobel laureates, scientists of Genetics, Microbiology, etc, and philosophical and Vedantic concept of Uponishod and Swami Vivekananda. 

9 – Today Autoimmune diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis,  Ankylosing Spondylitis, SLE, IBS, MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS, Type 1 DIABETES MELLITUS, PSORIASIS,  VASCULITIS,  VITILIGO, CELIAC DISEASES, etc are increasing like lips and bound.

On the other hand, Modern Medicine also has to use some immunosuppressive medicine. However, at least they are controlling few diseases in most of the cases due to their research-oriented up-gradation.

But Our genetic-based approach is giving enormous long-lasting relief without side effects.  Day by day our performances are going towards a high level.
10 – Homoeopathy is a very diversified subject. Many miracles are done by the grass-root level doctors of remote villages Tremendous promotion has been happening by different stalwarts like Dr. Rajan Sankaran, Dr. Sehgol,  Dr. Jahar Shaw, Dr. Shymal Kumar Das, Dr. Biswajit Roy, etc.
11 – Day by day we are very much successful in some selected cancer patients. For the last 20 years, it is rising. Myself has recently cured a Cancer Pancreas completely with all supporting investigations given on my site. (PowerPoint form) In the same way, Many cases are improving, but it is impossible to collect data for me. Also, patients are very reluctant to do costly investigations if they feel better. This is natural.
There are Many revolutionary cures and research which will give new light to the future generation by some great doctors. Very little is given on the website.
A new book of me   ” How to make a man Healthy from birth to end ” is coming.
12 – Certificate of Excellence from Vedant Society New York (USA)

It is a great pleasure for myself and the Homoeopathic world that I am successful to receive it for my research regarding the promotion of Holistic Medicine in this ROBOTIC WORLD of Medicine. 

The second cause is  I am successful to cure and give long-lasting relief to many patients in India and abroad
At least I want to convey a message – At least we have to add some Vedantic concept in the field of Medicine also for the physical, mental, social, and financial well-being of the suffering Humanity.
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