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Dynamic Power of Water Molecules

Dynamic Power of Water Molecules

We know the mutual force of attraction between the molecules of a liquid is rather weak. So to increase the mutual force of a molecule of liquid, we have to flow it under the law of pressure gradient. After this, the dynamic power of water molecules would be developed by dynamic methods i.e. succussions and potentisation. But this medicated water should be stored within a container to develop a pressure gradient. The things that appear stationary or stable around us are not so in reality. Continuous rotation and vibratory movements of their molecules make their existence possible. The inert and motionless things can not initiate energy. This continuous vibration of molecules can initiate the dynamic power of Homoeopathic medicine. This dynamic power can stimulate the hidden power within us. The inner man, the soul is free from everything. There is nothing like good or bad, troublesome, irritating, painful, or cheerful soothing or blissful in nature. It is only the conditioning, expectation, and experiences of our mind that make us feel accordingly. It is the relative effect of our conscious mind. Intrinsic tenderness and inner self reflect in the mental domain constitute our individual world. So originally every impulse of the inner sentiments seems to bring us eternal joy. We will try to bring back the eternal joy by our dynamic therapy. [Non-materialistic Approach.]

Achariya Sankarachariya said, “we have nothing without the mind of our own. If our mind is full of friendship we shall feel endless joy.”