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Dr. Amitava Maity, Hahnemann Point, Entally, Kolkata

Chronic Case of Eczema

However the plenty of patient all over the world are suffering from the tremendous side effects of immuno suppressive drug. But unfortunately that is not curative but destructive . Not only that the immuno suppressive medicine will damage heart and lungs. Don't worry I shall cure your son and prevent future damage. Our total system is stand up on immuno trigger up concept . But unfortunately we are deprived of to save the suffering Humanity forever. me has cured plenty of incurable diseases all over the world .

Pre-Cancerous Condition of Prostate

Patient Came On 04.09.2014 With Tremendous Burning In Lower Abdomen Before And After Urination Also Involuntary Urination In Night With Complete Loss Of Appetite Along With Severe Weakness With Vomitting . I Have Prescribed Him Conium Maculatum 200/4& Paris Quadrafolia 200c/20 On The Basis Of Constitution And Miasm. Advised To Do Usg Of Kub & Prostate &Psa .

Chronic Pancreatitis/Pre-Cancerous Stage

The Patient Came On 04.09.2014 With Tremendous Acidity (Hyper Chlorhydria) With Difficulty In Respiration. Patient Also Complains Constipation, Sleeplessness & Difficulties In Walking, Head Ache And With Tender Liver And Spleen For 10 Years. (Patient Was Highly Obesed With History Of Alcohol Abuse Of Huge Quantity Especially Rum)