Clinic: Hannemann Point, 2/1/2, Deb Lane (Entally, C.I.T. Road), Kolkata – 700014

For Appointment : 8981420599 / 9874988678.

Dr. Amitava Maity, Hahnemann Point, Entally, Kolkata

Non Materialistic Approach of Treatment

First, we have to understand the difference between bigger and smaller. The big things always may not be mightier. Rather it is valued by those who can think deeper, that is the minuets form of matter and energy, and the subliminal currents of conscious force are exponentially more powerful than their gross manifestation. For example 500 grams of gold cannot do what an atom of its negligible particle does. All activities of this material world are governed by this rule. This atomic energy of the drug is given maximum importance not only in Homeopathy.

DARWIN, the father of the theory of evolution said in one experiment “I have seen how the millionth part of a milligram of Ammonia could stimulate an artery. A hundred and twenty million fractions of a tiny crystal of common salt (natrum mur) also cause a similar effect”.

Dr. Schussler had shown that if a large quantity of common salt is taken it causes giddiness and other harmful effects. Because a negligible amount is sufficient for maintaining the cellular and biochemical reactions without disturbing the transmembrane ionic current. One RBC is about twelve millionth of an inch in size. A small drop of blood is constituted by about 0.3 million of such particles. How much iron could these tiny particles contain? Now radium available in this world is not more than four to five-ounce. It is sufficient for many years to maintain its key role in nuclear medicine and other scientific and technological experiments. To realize the dynamic power of healing we have to understand from the beginning. The visible facts of life appear quite familiar and unattractive. But if we think a little deep, we would find the excellence of order and absolute art of nature of life. Only by the use of greater knowledge and realization, we can find out the hidden powers of perceivable and subliminal forms of nature.

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